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I see you put out a release on the Vita on Play-Asia.  Will there be a Nintendo Switch version of a physical release?  I see you are also on the Nintendo store.   Please let me know I would love to have this game.   Perhaps Limited Run could help you with Switch copies


Relax vaporware anime :D

It;s this kind of game.... The kind of game I have problem to finish without guide... ending guide. Would you mind writing something like this later... Maybe when the game is finished...

I love the artstyle and this funny, comedy-style plot. I'm waiting for more ♥


Yes, we will do it later!

Having played it today all i can is its amazing from the sound to the art. I manged to find two pantsu and died many times and even drowned as well as had the police see me naked xD Where do I buy the full version!!! need to hunt more.


Wow! We're glad to hear it) I think, we will make it in august or september 

We found one pair! lol

is it hard?)) thank you for the video


You shouldn't really rar Mac builds - it clobbers the file permissions and makes them unrunnable. I believe Mac apps are already compressed, so they should be alright to upload as they are - if you want to try compressing them using zip format works fine.

thank you. we will comrpess it using zip format


I've been trying to download but it keeps saying unable to open, I play on Mac and when I download, it installs as a RAR file so I have to extract it. When that's done it keeps saying that I can't open it but doesn't give me a reason why. Is there any other ways I can download for mac?

other ways? we can upload it to google drive without archiving...  ? 

Okay sure, if that’s okay with you. Thank you :)


Hi thank you for your message! Normally when you download a game from Mac that is not from the apple store the OSX don't let it run.
Once the rar is unziped (or unrared?) double click on the (the one with the logo of the two characters) file and then go to System Preferences. Then on  Security & Privacy - General be sure to Allow apps dowloaded from Apps Tore and Identified developers Open it anyways. It should work unless you have an very old mac.

If not let me know. The other possibility is running from Steam also for free after instal the Steam manager.

Hope this helps!



Okay thank you very much! I’ll give this a try and if it doesn’t work then I’ll try running from steam. Thanks again :)


No worries!

this looks so amazing. I have not played it yet but just WOW looks so promising this is really really amazing looking. cant wait to play it!!!!!

We're waiting for you!

aaaaaaa i cannot play it on my computer!! it will not let me open RAR formats ;_;

maybe ZIP? 

how do I make it ZIP?

This is just AMAZING!! Love the old fashioned anime style!!!

this looks so beautiful omggggggg

Oh! Thank you, dear) 

Thank you so much!! Please support me at 
I'm 60% there, I need just a little more help to be able to develop the FULL GAME!!! tnx

we need same support)

this is hilarious, like explain to me how sitting down at the shower kills me. lol.

69/10 - IGN

This demo is nice and very funny :D I'm looking forward to full version and will definitely support you. ^^

Wow! We're glad to hear it)  Thank you)

Looks awesome. Love the oldschool style

Play play play play x) thank you 

what happens?

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what happens? i can't write to you in facebook

I don't see you anymore, have you deactivate your account?

now it's ok

Perfect game!!! Especially OST :D

Okay I'll play this for sure


go go go


damn this looks good


Wow! First comment! Thank you very much